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This is not a place for self hate. This blog is a place for inspiring pictures, posts about food and fitness, and support to those who want and need it. The body is such a beautiful thing and it needs to be treated as such. My definition of healthy eating means consuming things that are good for you, not just because they are low in fat or sugar or carbs. I believe anything we put in our bodies should have a purpose. I have a lot of experience with this topic and hope that I can help people to reach their own goals as well as reaching my own with the support of my followers. I'm 5'1'' and the number on the scale doesn't determine my happiness (most days). I'm 22 years old. healthy bitches getting inspired

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About to go running bitches!

I’m scared. Its been at least 2 months since I did any cardio….. yipes!


Here’s What I Ate Today

I haven’t posted one of these in a while! Incase anyone cares, I had:


nonfat greek yogurt with 3 strawberries, 1/2 cup raspberries, pinch of slivered almonds, a little agave

Grande Soy Latte (My bosses treat :)


Salad from the salad bar by my work. I put spinach, carrots, cabbage, kidney beans, beats, hard boiled eggs, small amount of blue cheese, raisins, and sesame dressing

Gingerberry Kombucha

Slice of baguette 


Chicken puttanesca with orzo pasta and a slice of baguette

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Wow! I went in there today for the first time in FOREVER and guess what!? They have such adorable stuff! AND its tots affordable!! I’ll make a video soon of what I got! SO excited!


I love!

Check it out :)

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Anonymous asked: Favorite blogs? I looove yours!

I don’t like to pick favorites and to be totally honest I don’t do too much tumbl stalking but I recently have really been liking¬†

so sick I want to curl up and melt away



Aunt Flow,

Why must you ruin my life?


Grocery Purchases

I finally went grocery shopping today after work and am so happy about it! Its so much easier to eat well when you buy good food to keep around!! Here is what I got today:

Frozen black bean garden burgers

Dairy free mini ice cream sandwitches

Kombucha (mango, raspberry, strawberry, guava, trilogy)

Sugar free vanilla pudding mix

sugar free raspberry jello mix

Whole wheat bread


coconut water

Mangos (just cut into one and they are amazing)


Grape cherry tomatoes

nonfat plain greek yogurt

Lara Bars (ginger snap, apple pie, cinnamon roll)

spaghetti squash

peanut butter (I got the wrong kind and am really upset about it)




baby carrots


pink lady apples

orange bell peppers

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I need a little help friends

I have hardly worked out at all since I got my new job (and by hardly I mean like 2 times in 4.5 weeks!!) I haven’t been eating a lot of food quantity wise but have not been making healthy choices. I need a little kick in the pants!! Any words of encouragement/advice?

Finally got my hair done today after work! Blonder is better!!

Finally got my hair done today after work! Blonder is better!!

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